Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust (Regd.)

Sunny Oberoi Vivek Sadan
Advance Institute of Social Sciences
Sri Anandpur Sahib


Managing Trustee


Dr. S.P. Singh Oberoi

Managing Trustee
Sarbat Da  Bhalla Charitable Trust(Reg.)

Sarbat Da Bhalla Charitable Trust always strengthen the Goodness & welfare of world. Academic Excellence is essence of Ideal Society.

For this cause our trust is doing great efforts like free publication of Books of Scholars; free distribution of Books to various institutional libraries and also establishment of libraries even in Jails. I firmly believe that we must gave everyone another chance to live and with the light of literature we can make it happen. So Literature is the ultimate source of social change.

          Our Research Institute Sunny Oberoi Vivek Sadan: Advance Institute of Social Sciences aims to revive the legacy of cultural background and inheritance of Sri Anandpur Sahib as Academic Hub of India as dreamed by Great Guru Gobind Singh Ji.  Because Guru Ji established the Holy city Sri Anandpur Sahib as Political, Religious and Academic Center of India. In this city of ‘Anand’. Bliss, for the Academic growth of Community, He then invited many Scholars of Various languages concerned with different fields, Poets, Writers, Musicians, Instrumentalists, Artisan. 

The Literature that was created and translated by them was on the basis of contemporary available text manuscript tradition of Granths and organized many literary conferences and Kavi Darbar to Contribute in Literary legacy of Punjab and India. I hope Sunny Oberoi Vivek Sadan: Advance Institute of Social Sciences as A Advanced Research Institute attract the World Academia to the Holy city “Sri.Anandpur Sahib” once again in this Modern Era of unrest and contribute   positively to contemporary issues of Society.

Our Address

Sunny Oberoi Vivek Sadan: Advance Institute of Social Sciences, Sri Anandpur Sahib, Pin code 140118
State Punjab , India
E-Mail: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Phone: 01887-292286, +91 94646 49567